I’ve recently begun dabbling in the video game streaming world on Twitch! Prepare to be entertained by Rad, the most amazing mediocre gamer ever!

I enjoy a large variety of games, be it RPGs, Shooters, MOBAs, or MMOs. Almost no genre is safe from my binging! I’ll be streaming a variety of games.

This channel, much like its name, is here to have a dialogue whilst enjoying games together. Chat with me and I’ll chat back, let’s have fun together and talk about the real issues, such as what is the best BBQ. (no seriously, this is important)

Currently, I will only be streaming PC games until I figure out my console streaming situation!

Please note: While raid leading I will be mostly unresponsive to chat. Many apologies!

You can find my Twitch channel here:

You could just click on the Twitch picture too, ain’t that fancy?