Rad Listed: The Mysterious Ache

Rad Listed: The Mysterious Ache

Hey everybody, I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately– missing two weeks! But, I’m back, and I have a lot of exciting things coming soon, including a new “about” page coming down the pipe. If you haven’t noticed by now, there is also a new page describing how to connect to the official “Chats with Rad” TeamSpeak voice server.  You can find the information in the above page links titled “TeamSpeak Voice Server”. Feel free to join us anytime– we’re usually always playing the latest multiplayer games!

Within the last couple weeks, I’ve gotten a ton of gaming in and have a couple of exciting new games to chat about. Look forward to those posts in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here’s a Rad Listed to show you which games I’ll be posting about soon, in more depth!

MGS V wasn’t even on my radar until it came out, and I started hearing EVERYBODY talking about how great it was. I’ve played the majority of the MGS games, but was never a die-hard fan. Well, sign me up now, because “The Phantom Pain” is one of the best games I’ve played this year, and I don’t say that lightly. The game is so jam-packed with content that I’m struggling on a post as we speak to do it proper justice! Look forward to a more in-depth post in the coming weeks!

I’ve had my eyes on Elite Dangerous for a while now, but I finally pulled the trigger (hah!) when it was on sale this past weekend. Elite is a great space simulation with a ridiculously large world.  It makes you appreciate how large space really is. While I haven’t played much of it yet, I know this will be a game I’ll be coming back to for quite a while. Keep an eye out for my more in-depth post once I figure out what is going on in this gargantuan space combat/miner/trucker/politics simulation. (Yes, it does have all of that!)

Fallout Shelter came out August 13th on Android devices and I am still playing it! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Fallout Shelter the entire time, and while it’s become more of a game I check on a few times day, I’m still hooked on the progression of my vault. The game has been great to tide me over prior to Fallout 4’s release. I feel like I’m hitting the end game now, sending out an army of wasteland explorers to bring loot and bottle caps back to the vault! The game is free, and fun even without taking part in the micro transactions, so give it a try! Read my in-depth write up of the game here.

Still playing Ark on occasion and having a blast with friends! Currently we’re working on a massive stone wall to surround and protect our base and tamed dinosaur army. We have a mammoth named Marmalade and a T-Rex named T-Rekts! We’ve even secured some Pterodactyls so we can conveniently fly around the island. If this doesn’t convince you, give my full post a read!

Seems my new MOBA of choice has officially become Heroes of the Storm. While I was conflicted about my ditching DOTA 2 to play HotS in my previous post in July, I have long since lost that uneasy feeling I had about it. I’ve been having lots of fun with Heroes of the Storm, and while the model of gated heroes is still a sticking point for me, I’ve managed to unlock a large majority of the heroes in the game and have only spent about ten dollars a month on it (for stimpacks, of course!). Not bad considering the game is technically free to play (albeit, with gated heroes) and receives constant balance updates and new heroes!
We play Rocket League every Saturday night for a few hours, and we’re still enjoying the heck out of it! Rocket League is definitely my most pleasant surprise in gaming I’ve had this year. The fun simplicity of the game allows us to focus on other, more important things, such as trash talking each other! Read my full write up about Rocket League here.

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