Ryan Davis, a great friend, that I never met

Ryan Davis, a great friend, that I never met

Just yesterday, some terrible news was announced on giantbomb.com:  the sudden and tragic death of Ryan Davis, of only 34 years old.  I realize that few people that read this blog have any idea who Ryan Davis was, so I will briefly explain.  Ryan Davis was a well-known game journalist, but that’s putting it too plainly.  Ryan Davis was an entertainer, someone who brought joy to thousands. He was also a friend to many, even those that had never met him, as the internet can attest.

When I had read the news yesterday I was shocked.  I yelled out “no f’ing way” when I saw the headline.  I couldn’t imagine someone so full of life could be gone so fast.  One moment he was alive in my mind, the next, gone.  I started reading all the reactions on the internet; all the sadness it brought, all the support from the gaming community.  I discovered I was very upset.

You ask, why do I find myself so upset over the death of someone I never met, never came even close to meeting?  I’ve challenged myself with that question too.  Once I thought about it more, it became very simple.  Despite the fact I had never met Ryan Davis in person, I felt like I knew him.  I realized I had spent many hours of my life alongside Ryan.

Giant Bomb is most well known for their podcast; the Giant Bombcast.  I started listening to it at work about a year and a half ago, and instantly became a fan.  The banter and chemistry between all the members of the bombcast always brought a smile to my face even when having the roughest day at work.  Most of all, Ryan Davis’ jovial manner, quick-witted humor, and genuine belly laughs always won the day.

When you listen to a 2-3 hour long podcast once a week, with the same people, for over a year, you start to feel like you know the people behind the microphones.  Between all the life stories, funny jokes, and all around ridiculousness of every podcast, I felt like I was friends with every one of them.  Not only that, the numerous live streams I had watched only strengthened that feeling.

Ryan Davis, being the host of the Giant Bombcast, would begin every episode with “Hey everybody, it’s Tuesday!” in the excited tone that only he could do.  Every time I think about that phrase and how I won’t get to hear it again in a new episode, I find myself welling up.  This alone tells me how much of an effect Ryan Davis had on my life.  His super power to find something funny in practically anything will be sorely missed.

Ryan Davis was a great person that I never met; despite that, he was my friend.  RIP Ryan Davis, I will miss you.

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