The Wonderful World of Podcasts: Part 2

The Wonderful World of Podcasts: Part 2

Today, I have three more podcasts for you all that may tickle your fancy.  This time, I have one gaming podcast, one tech podcast, and a very interesting Dungeons and Dragons podcast!

Weekend Confirmed, hosted by Garnett Lee of, is  one of the higher quality gaming podcasts out there.  As the name of the podcast suggests, this podcast tends to get uploaded later in the afternoon on Friday, and usually runs about an hour and a half.

While Garnet Lee enjoys waxing philosophical about gaming in general, I do enjoy his interesting and unique point of view on video games and the industry in general.  His usual co hosts, Jeff Cannata and Andrea Rene of, bring a good balance that proves to be both enjoyable and informative.  Also, if you like football, they enjoy talking fantasy football at the end of the show during the football season.

Next up is This Is Only a Test, of, hosted by Will Smith (all the jokes been did) and Norman Chan.  Tested first came about during the days of Whiskey Media, the company which originally founded, so guest spots with a Giantbomb cast member happen occasionally.  Additionally, the Tested members are good friends with screenwriter Gary Witta (known for Book of Eli and After Earth), who frequents the podcast as well. The podcast is usually uploaded on Thursday nights, and episodes tend to run one and a half to two hours long.
Tested is a technology-based podcast where Will and Norm discuss recent consumer technology.  However, saying they only focus on technology would be a lie, as they also really like to talk about science.  Most of all, they do a great job keeping their listeners informed about everything in the smart phone and tablet market.  Their roots from Whiskey Media make them unafraid of derailing into non- science, non-tech talk, but their off-topic ramblings tend to be entertaining.  Between Will’s neurotic nature and Norm’s unwavering oddness, you’re in for more than just tech talk.
Last, but certainly not least, Critical Hit is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast from  This is certainly the most unique of all the podcasts I’ve listened to.  Each episode is a Dungeons and Dragons session with a progressing story.  Listening to this podcast from the beginning is a true joy and actually teaches you the nuances and game rules of playing 4th Edition DnD.
The podcast consists of actual role play between the cast, and the dungeon master spins a good tale that will keep you engrossed.  You’ll also learn how to actually play the game since you are privy to the entire session, battles and all.  To assist in the learning process, they also have in-between episodes that explain mechanics as the group encounters them.  
You’ll find yourself growing attached to the characters and the people behind them as you progress through these “pods of casting”.  The cast isn’t afraid of derailing to spout off pop culture references and make silly jokes either. This usually earns them a scolding from the game master, which proves to be quite humorous.
Getting started with Critical Hit, however, is a daunting task, as they are currently on their 210th episode, and the episodes can vary from an hour to an occasional whopping three hours!  However, if you’re trying to pass the time at a monotonous job, this podcast will make the day fly by as you join the cast on this fun adventure.

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