Payday 2, get your heist on!

Payday 2, get your heist on!

I was recently introduced to a newly released game called Payday 2, a heist, first-person shooter RPG. Despite not having paid any interest in the previous iteration, I’m finding the sequel very interesting. The mix of genres combined with the heist element proves to be an addicting combination.

While this may seem like a strange smattering of genres to combine, we’ve seen the combination of first person shooter and RPG becoming more and more prevalent. As it has become more popular to include level ups and skills into our shooters, it has also become more sophisticated with the inclusion of perks and skill trees. Payday 2 provides just that, including five different class trees that can potentially promote synergy during a mission.

Making law enforcement surrender is an option in the
Mastermind tree!

Ultimately, Payday 2 is a multiplayer-only game. There are computer-controlled bots at your disposal; however, they are not particularly dependable, although they can absorb a ridiculous amount of bullets before they are downed. But, playing with friends is where the game really shines. Well-executed cooperation is not only rewarded with large payouts and experience gain, but it’s also extremely satisfying and enjoyable when you pull off a job just right.

There are a number of different mission types to choose from, including standard heist missions, watchdog missions, and even multi-day jobs that combine elements of all the game types with a large payout at the end if you make it. My personal favorites are the heist missions which encourage you to communicate with your team. You have the option to pull off a heist quickly and without a fire fight with the cops and swat teams if you want, but it is exceedingly difficult. It requires crowd control, and extreme communication between your teammates to quickly adapt to alerted civilians, cameras, and security guards. One false step, and you’ll have the cops swarming you.
Keeping hostages can be helpful if one
of your crew gets captured.

Suffice to say, most missions end in a fire fight. Luckily, the gunplay is top notch and the gun selection and modification is on par with any Call of Duty. As you level up, more powerful weapons will become available if you have the stolen money to pay for it. In addition to unlocking weapons, you will also receive skill points that will allow you to advance through multiple skill trees that will give you useful skills and equipment that will make missions more convenient and more lucrative.

Payday 2 can be found on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. However, if you’re going to purchase it, I suggest roping in some friends along with you. While the game is fun with random people, the enjoyment multiplies with familiar teammates.  Payday 2 is a solidly put together co-op experience that will keep you craving more.  A good co-op game tends to be difficult to come by, so I suggest getting some fellow gamers together and make sure you don’t miss out on this.

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