Pokemon X and Y, a Nostalgic Dream

Pokemon X and Y, a Nostalgic Dream

Pokémon has always been a fantastic RPG.  While its combat system is simple, when you dig deep, there’s an interesting paper/rock/scissor system that gets you excited when you hear that super effective noise after you use Flamethrower on a Grass type Pokémon!  However, admittedly, Pokémon seems to be a game that is best enjoyed with the condition of nostalgia, which lends to Pokémon’s rabid fan base, who have all been playing since they were young.

Don’t let that admission be a reason not to pick up Pokémon, though!  While the vast variety of Pokémon may seem daunting to a newcomer to the series, you will quickly find which Pokémon you identify with and develop a six ‘mon team in no time!  For myself, I enjoy Dragon and Fighting-type Pokémon supplemented with some Psychic, but the beauty of the Pokémon games is there are a variety of ways to tackle the type system successfully.

Pokémon, then and now!

A big change that is making the Pokémon fan base buzz with this new iteration is the new 3D models and animations for all Pokémon.  Gone are the days of the sprite-based artwork of the original games, where the animation was merely a sprite moving slightly whenever an attack hit or was performed.  Now, Pokémon X and Y boasts full 3D battles, complete with actual full animations, which is a great addition to the already great Pokémon formula.

Pokémon has been known to add a new ‘generation’ of Pokémon with each of their iterations, bringing in primarily new Pokémon, and occasionally sprinkling previously-created Pokémon to complete the mix.  However, this time, even though we are in a new generation of Pokémon, the developers have put in a ton of the original ‘First Generation’ Pokémon, much to the delight of longtime fans who uphold the first generation of Pokémon as the ‘best.’  Now, I get to have a fully 3D Charizard like I always wanted!

Much like the graphics, the entire process of online Pokémon play has been entirely revamped from the previous games of the series.  Previously, you were required to go way out of your own way in order to make the online component of Pokémon function; however, now you can trade and battle from anywhere in the game with a tap of the stylus on the lower screen.  The inclusion of O-Powers also allows you to give your friends temporary ‘buffs’ by expending time replenishing energy– basically a free power-up!

Pokémon X and Y may be a hard sell for people that are new to the series, but I strongly suggest that anyone with fond memories of the old Pokémon games definitely check this one out.  Trust me, you’ll like it!  For those that are new to the series and on the fence, check it out and give it some time– you’ll warm up to it when you find a Pokémon you really like.  I can guarantee you’ll like at least one Pokémon out of the alleged 718 that exist at the moment.  With that, I’ll leave you with a picture of the coolest Pokémon (in my opinion!)

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