Rad Listed: Final Card Theft

Rad Listed: Final Card Theft

This last week of gaming has really shown me how fortunate we really are as gamers in the current gaming climate.  I am agonizingly torn every time I sit down and decide to play a game.  I have so many amazing options I sometimes find myself paralyzed by the choice.  This very ‘problem’ has given rise to a new feature coming every Friday, called Rad Listed. In Rad Listed I will devote one short paragraph for each game I’ve played in the past week, even if it’s one I wrote about earlier that week.  Some games may be on the Rad List for a few weeks, some, not so much.

I’m not huge on mobile games; about the only mobile game I’ve really dived into is Game Dev Story. However, thanks to humble bundle’s Android sale a few weeks ago, I found a very neat game.  The game is called Ravensword 2, and it’s basically Oblivion/Skyrim on your phone!  There’s stats, there’s loot, and there’s sword fighting.  While virtual sticks aren’t my first choice in control scheme, a mobile third person RPG similar to the Elder Scrolls games doesn’t really have many options.  While precise control is hard to attain, the game is pretty enjoyable.  Did I mention there’s loot?  You can find Ravensword on Android and iOS– it may be more enjoyable on a tablet.

Another month, another MMO I insist on trying out.  I don’t know why I’m so drawn to MMOs, but they are definitely my Achilles’s heel in gaming.  MMOs demand a lot of time, which takes away from the time to play all the other games out there– this is how gaming backlogs are formed.  Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is Square Enix’s most recent re-released failed MMO that was so bad they shut it down to remake it.  Despite that awful introduction, the game is a pretty fun, with a cool leveling/job system, which I’ve been a sucker for since Final Fantasy Tactics during the PS1 era.  The game barfs particle effects every chance it gets!
Being able to run Card Hunter in a web browser is so convenient that I play it while I play other games.  It’s so easy to click over to a browser tab and play a few hands.  Currently, I’m contemplating turning my Human, Elf, Dwarf team into a Dwarf exclusive team; maybe I’ll call it Team Gimli.  If you missed it, I wrote about this game in detail last week here.
Grand Theft Auto V has taken over my PS3 disc tray since it came out.  Since the online portion became functional, I’ve found myself playing the online more than the single player.  However, I’m still enjoying the single player campaign immensely and look forward to beating it.  Above, you can see some of my single player shenanigans! Yup, that’s a submarine in a parking spot.

Last, but certainly not least, is Pokemon!  This is one of the biggest releases on the Nintendo 3DS, with a whopping 4 million units sold in just two days! While this doesn’t come close to how GTA V is selling, it is super impressive for a handheld exclusive game.  I thoroughly enjoy the game and the fun nostalgia spike I get every time I find a wild first-generation Pokemon.  The improvement in the online component is leaps and bounds better than how it was previously; trading ‘mons with friends across the world has not been easier.  If you have a 3DS, I recommend this game; if you don’t have a 3DS, then get a 3DS, and then get this game.
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