Rad Listed: Zombies!

Rad Listed: Zombies!

No Woot Wednesday post this week, I know, total failure! Expect a Woot Wednesday post next week talking about my favorite announcements at E3. In the mean time, here’s a fresh Rad Listed!

The Witcher 3 has been out for a month, and I’m still working on it! This game is so full of content I am not even sure when I’ll manage to finish it. I guess I could beeline through the main story content, but what’s the fun in that!? There are monsters to slay and people to help! I had been hoping to finish it up prior to the Batman: Arkham Knight release on Tuesday, but let’s be real– we all know that’s not going to happen!
Meet Zagara, my favorite hero. She’s a beaut, no?
Another week of me coming to terms with the fact that I may enjoy Heroes of the Storm more than DotA. I suppose the fact I haven’t played DotA in months, but I’m still playing HotS on a regular basis, shows my preference. HotS is a more casual take on the genre; therefore, I actually have some friends that play it. DotA’s complexity has made it difficult to recruit friends to the cause.

This picture looks hilarious, right? How far we’ve come…

So, the Steam sale is in full swing right now, and that means some ridiculously cheap games! Survivalist is one of those games– I couldn’t say no when it was a whopping two dollars. The game is a top-down isometric, Zombie survival, community-based building game. It’s probably one of the oddest games I’ve played in awhile, but it’s actually very well made. The game has fun gameplay, pretty decent humor, and some really well-written dialogue. The game is presented in a very unique way that I have never seen before in a game. Well worth the two dollars!

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