Rad Listed: Massive Variety

Rad Listed: Massive Variety

I’ve determined that the Rad listed feature is a good one, but one that doesn’t lend itself well to a weekly installment. I found myself repeating the same game over and over, so I’ve determined that it will be better served as a bi-weekly to monthly feature. By switching it up this way, I’ll be able to quickly introduce a wider variety of games with less repetition. But, enough of this boring administrative work– let’s talk about GAMES!

I’ve been playing WoW since it was released in November 2004! (albeit, off and on, with very long breaks in-between) I began playing WoW again in November, with the release of the most recent expansion, Warlord of Draenor. While the allure of playing often was strong at first, I’ve quickly become a player that really only plays two days out of the week to raid. However, what’s nice is that it is now possible to purchase subscription time via in-game gold, something I have plenty of! It’s amazing how long this game has been around and I still find enjoyment playing it!
Every now and then, when the stars align, my friends and I find ourselves playing the gun-toting, loot-popping, funny-dropping Borderlands! We played Borderlands 2 into the ground and we have come back for more with this newer iteration. The game is a blast, still has the hilariously off-the-wall humor, and now we have Claptrap to blame… for everything! Be it making our guns shoot automatically until we’re out of ammo, or making our guns completely inaccurate but extremely powerful, the added element of having a goofy, slightly unhelpful Claptrap on your team adds a wonderfully hilarious feel to the game.

This was me… all nightttt.. the blue guy.
I most recently had the pleasure in partaking in an old-school LAN party, something I’m always excited about! We ended up hooking up two Xbox 360s and booting up 2012’s Halo 4. While stating that I’m not the biggest Halo fan would be an understatement, I would like to say that Halo 4 is mostly devoid of the “jump, float for 3 seconds, gun-down-your-enemy-ad nauseam” mechanic of yester-Halo. Therefore, Halo 4 was probably one of the more enjoyable Halo iterations I’ve played.

Managing your Hero family lines is a big part of the game.
I purchased Massive Chalice recently during the Steam Summer Sale, and finally got around to giving it a whirl. Massive Chalice is heavily influenced by XCOM and plays much the same way. However, there’s a very interesting twist to the game play:  you must manage your bloodlines over the period of a 300-year-long war. Your heroes will die, and their children will take up arms in your war against the Cadence, an overwhelming force that aims only to corrupt the land with its influence. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, though– I can’t help but feel like there’s a lot of untapped potential in this game. Expect a formal CWR post about it next week!

I mentioned Survivalist a few weeks ago briefly in a previous Rad Listed. I got the game for an obscenely low price and have gotten a ridiculous ratio of enjoyment out of it for what I paid. The game was made by one guy and it’s quite the gem. With a unique perspective, an engaging story with interesting characters, and some very addicting gameplay, it’s definitely more than just a zombie survival game!


Psych! I’m not playing it! Because reasons!

What have you been playing lately?

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