Rad Listed: Back to the Loot Pinata

Rad Listed: Back to the Loot Pinata

Diablo is three years old at this point, and it’s still one of the best in the genre. Blizzard is still supporting it, too! A recent patch added some new features to legendary equipment and Season 4 has begun, complete with account-wide rewards. There’s even some Heroes of the Storm goodies for leveling a season character to max level. There’s something about this loot pinata that get me every time!
Have you ever watched Jurassic Park and thought, “Hey that would be a good video game!”? Well, you probably have, but the licensed Jurassic Park games were rarely ever any good. Look no further– Ark: Survival Evolved drops you on a large island full of various dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. It’s up to you to survive, tame, and build to survive. Yes, I did just say “tame.” I’ll be writing a larger post on this gem in the coming weeks!

I’ve been playing Fallout Shelter for about a month now and am still enjoying it. I’ve slowed down a bit on checking it constantly, as the late game involves longer timers, but I’m still having fun maximizing my vault and building up my dwellers’ statistics. I have yet to spend a single cent on this game and don’t plan to, either. You can see my full write-up on the game here.

Rocket League continues to be a stupendously great game. I have been having a really great time with it and have even gotten some of my friends hooked on it, too. Customizing your vehicle and hitting an over-sized ball into goals with flipping cars never gets old. I have a feeling I’ll be playing this game for a long time. You can read my full write-up on the game here.

Remember the days of playing GoldenEye on the N64 with your friends? Do you recall arguing with one another about ‘screen cheating’? Well, here’s a game where the point of the game IS to look at each other’s screens and ‘cheat’. Screen Cheat is a first person shooter with nostalgic graphics where everyone is invisible and you must look at everyone’s screen in order to determine where they are. The game is fast-paced and reminisce of the breakneck speed of old school Quake. A very fun party game!

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