Woot Wednesday : E3 2015!

Woot Wednesday : E3 2015!

E3 2015 was last week, and wow, was it a good one, too! Probably one of the most exciting E3s in a long time. Tons of new games were announced, we got to see more virtual reality in action, and Fallout 4 is actually coming out this year!  I want to touch on briefly on some of the things shown at E3 that I am most excited about.

Fallout 4
The one announcement I’m most ecstatic about is the Fallout 4 announcement. The game looks amazing! Bethesda showed off some gameplay at their conference. The game looks great! The  shooting seems to be improved, and there’s even a base building component! They promise that all the random items and junk you find can be used to assist in the building process. Finally, a use for all those teddy bears I keep looting! The best part? It’s coming out this year, in November!

Bethesda was on fire this E3 with great announcements! They also showed off a gory and exciting Doom gameplay demo. The demo was rife with explicit violence, explosions, and guns– everything we come to suspect in a Doom game. The action looked fast-paced and visceral, and the graphics looked top notch. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Doom will be coming sometime in 2016.

There aren’t many games out there where I get to name all of my characters after my friends and send them to defend the Earth from an alien onslaught.  This new iteration takes place after the first game, where you’ll be playing as guerrilla resistance fighters against the terrestrial occupiers. It will include all new units, soldier types, and procedurally generated levels, rather than the static layouts of the last game. XCOM 2 is coming out in November 2015, so I guess I’ll need to decide if I’m playing this or Fallout 4 first!

Star Wars: Battlefront

We haven’t had a proper Battlefront game since 2009, so it’s about time we’re getting one! EA showed off some in-game footage of a battle on the ice planet, Hoth, complete with AT-ATs and Snowspeeders, and you can even use a tow cable on them! The game looks fantastic– so fantastic that I may even break my “no competitive shooter” policy to play this one! Star Wars: Battlefront is also coming in November, so I have a feeling we may be seeing some delays on some of these games to make room for the more popular titles.

Microsoft’s AR Holo-Lens in action – Minecraft on furniture
Altered Reality and Virtual Reality

We’re getting closer and closer where virtual reality will become, well, a reality. Oculus and Sony were out at E3 showing off their VR devices:  the Oculus Rift and the Sony Morpheus. The Rift is scheduled to be out Q1 next year, but will need a decent gaming rig to function (My high-end video card barely attains the minimum specs).  I know I’ll be grabbing one!

The talk of the E3 town, though, was the Microsoft Holo-Lens. Microsoft’s Holo-Lens is an altered reality extension that projects objects onto what you’re currently looking at. In the above picture, you can see that a game of Minecraft is being projected on furniture. The applications for this sort of technology are boundless! Is this how we’re finally getting our Minority Report computer?

What are you most excited about from E3?

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